Natural Stone Granite And Sandstone

Your search for one of a kind material to adorn a space ends with the wide variety natural stone has to offer. The uniqueness of this material is due to the fact that each piece of stone is made exquisite by the inherent variances caused in nature. Stone found in nature has been used extensively for construction and decorating purposes ever since history can remember it and continues to do so even now. The only difference is, nowadays, one can source natural stone from almost anywhere in the world for the right price whereas back a few centuries, it would be difficult to transport stone quarried from a remote area unless you were royalty. Natural stone is a popular material choice functionally as well as aesthetically. The usage of this material for architectural purposes has been seen over the years and as new technology develops, it only increases the ease of sourcing, transporting and treating this material. Some of the functions served by natural stone include functions like flooring, cladding, facades, platform-tops, curbing and surfaces etc.

Since stone is available in a variety of earthy tones that range from neutral shades of greys to a more colourful variety of pinks, greens, browns and many more, it makes for an ideal material choice to fit in with most design sensibilities. The country of India has a range of natural stone depending upon the geography including granite, marble, sandstone, limestone, slate, quartzite and many more. Granite is one of the most popular natural stone used for architecture and interior design. It has a classical beauty about it that enables it to fit into any aesthetical style. Although they look similar and are interchangeable in terms of usage, granite slab prices are lower than that of marble. The material is also easy to maintain and ages beautifully, hardly showing any wear and tear at all. Granite can be cut according to custom dimensions to reduce wastage. This in turn makes it economical. Granite slabs wholesale shops are quite popular too since one can buy the slabs in bulk for a certain building project to save up on the overall costs. Granite is a composition of a combination of grains of Mica, Quartz and a few other materials. It is also highly chip and crack resistant which makes it an ideal choice for kitchen, living and bathroom surfaces. A natural stone that is a classic example for its use in flooring is sandstone. It is typically formed millions of years ago under very high temperatures. This causes tiny streaks of colour from naturally occurring pigments. The stone comes in soft shades of beige, brown, mauve, grey and pink etc. and can be sourced in a variety of sizes. Indian sandstone paving slabs are the most popular choice for garden patios. Indian sandstone has the highest percentage of quartz, making it really tough and strong. Thus, it is highly unlikely to chip or crack with weather changes and high impact.

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