Unique Materials to Adorn Your Home

The art of adorning a space’s interior is known as interior design. In today’s day, it is quite possible to pre-plan the aesthetics of a space in accordance with the budget, time-line and context of the place. It is quite imperative for the aesthetics of any space to match the character of its occupants or end users. When choosing the materials for a particular aesthetic as well as in practice, natural stone must be taken into consideration for its renowned durability and unique looks. Natural stone is commonly an aggregate of one or many minerals in different proportions. These minerals are held together by chemical bonds and each piece of rock is made one of a kind due to the naturally occurring variances in proportion and design. Since natural stone is appropriately weathered by natural elements, it is made highly durable and can withstand high amounts of wear and tear. Interior design employs the use of natural stone in a variety of roles including but not limited to functions like flooring, cladding, table-tops, curbing and surfaces etc. The country of India has a variety of natural stones according to the geography like granite, marble, sandstone, limestone, slate and many more.

A very popular use of stone in homes is in the kitchen. Kitchen granite worktops are seen in most houses. Granite is an aggregate of various minerals like Mica, Quartz and other minerals. They are available in a range of colours ranging from greys and greens to pink and gold depending upon the composition of the stone. Granite is formed due to compressed grains of different minerals that result in it being highly durable and very nearly resistant to wear and tear within a reasonable amount of time. It is water resistant and also unaffected by high temperatures making it a popular material choice in the kitchen. This stone requires minimal maintenance, making it easy to preserve its beautiful looks. Another usage of natural stone in the kitchen is marble. Although marble countertops cost a little bit more than granite, the classical grandness and beauty that this stone stands for makes it quite worth it. Marble has features similar to that of granite; however, it requires a little more looking after from time to time. Another popular natural stone used in interior design is sandstone. Indian sandstone has strong good looks make it the ideal choice for a rich earthy interior style. Indian sandstone slabs are available in soft tones of beige, brown, mauve, grey and rose and can be cut into a variety of sizes. This stone is formed millions of years ago under very high temperatures which cause tiny veins of colour from naturally occurring pigments. Their pale beauty lends the perfect companionship to the rich green tones of every garden. Indian sandstone has the highest proportion of quartz, making it really tough and strong. Thus, it is highly unlikely to chip or crack with weather changes and high impact.

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