Getting the perfect colored rug to compliment any room in your home doesn’t seem like it should be too hard to do. But not so fast: Even if you have your heart set on a specific rug color, you could end up making the wrong choice without even knowing it. Even if you have a specific color or color scheme that you love, there are no guarantees that it will end up working well in your home. There are lots of factors to consider when purchasing a brand new rug, including getting the best carpet care from All Pro Chem-Dry and making sure you’re bringing home the right size, shape, and color to truly complement your home. Before you end up making a huge mistake, it’s worth it to do a few tests to make sure you get the perfect rug for your living space.

Keep It Neutral

Before you choose something with bright colors and bold patterns, take a moment to consider the changes your living room or den may go through in a few years’ time. While you might imagine that your current taste in color and design won’t change, think about how much your personal taste has fluctuated in the past few years alone. Even if you want to go with something bold that will stand out, you have to remember that your rug is a true investment. You want your rug to last 20 years without being faded, dated, or raggedy-looking. While a lot of this isn’t within your control, you can certainly do your part to choose a color that isn’t going to go out of style within a few years. That’s why choosing neutrals is the way to go. The more neutral your rug is, the less you’ll have to worry about it sticking out like a sore thumb when you decide to re-design your room.

Go Easy on Design

Patterns and prints can be fun, especially in kids’ rooms or more lively community areas, such as the kitchen or den. However, patterns do run the risk of becoming overbearing. If you’re going for a relaxed, neutral look and have tons of furniture in beige and grey prints, you can afford to splurge and make your rug the colorful centerpiece of the room. However, if you really want to play it safe, you should choose a rug that can potentially go with a wide range of home furnishings. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that you’re not going to want to mix up your decorating style in a few years. You want a rug that’s going to last, but you also want to make sure you choose something that won’t restrict the way can decorate your home.

Don’t Go Too Trendy

Trends come and go. While Millenial Pink might be a hot color now, don’t forget that every year the new trendy hue is swapped out for another. That means that although you might think you’re staying on-trend by buying a rug in a color that’s hot right at this moment, you should still consider how you’re going to feel about it in six months’ or even a years’ time. It’s great to go with colors you love. However, if you’re designing your home based on an idea of what’s hot and hip right now, you’re going to end up with a very dated-looking home in a few years. One way to avoid this is to choose a rug that doesn’t call too much attention to itself and blends in with the rest of the decor. You don’t have to choose something boring to achieve this. Instead, go with dark colors, neutral tones, and earth tones to create the right effect.

Go Dark for Heavy Traffic Areas

Your rug is going to take a beating sooner or later, especially if you live in a house with kids, pets, and lots of guests coming in and out. One practical way to make sure your rug lasts is to choose a color that’s dark and forgiving of stains and scuffs. While choosing a lighter color might seem like a nice idea at first, think about how much harder it’s going to be to clean after the 6th or 7th juice stain. If you’re purchasing a rug that you know is going to get a ton of foot traffic, do yourself a favor and make sure you’re investing in a carpet type that’s going to be able to hide a multitude of sins. Your future self will thank you.

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