Mounting any improvement project that focuses on the exteriors of your property can bring you almost instant increased value. Not only are you building greater curb appeal for your home in the event you want to resell down the line, but you are beautifying and updating the place where you live so you may enjoy the fruits of such labor.

Exterior projects can range from putting some siding on your home to installing a fence around the property and everything in between. For some homeowners, adding house siding in Richmond is all they need to giving their home exterior a fresh new look. For others, mounting a larger improvement project may be just what is needed.

With that in mind, here are some home exterior project ideas that offer the most value. But remember, just because you’ve performed a renovation or installation of something new doesn’t necessarily mean you will see a return on the money you’ve invested into that project. You need to be careful about the upgrades you decide to add to your home.

Not all buyers are looking to pay more for components they don’t believe they need for their home. While it might seem as if everyone wants a swimming pool in their backyard, many buyers may balk at spending the extra money to purchase a home because of it. So think before you build or improve and you can be sure to get top dollar if you sell and love where you live if you decide not.

Outdoor Living Space

Homes that are located in regions where the weather is agreeable for most of the year can see improvements in the form of outdoor living spaces that afford homeowners the opportunity to spend some time in the sun. Entertaining guests is always more fun when you can get together under the stars.

That’s why many homeowners choose to mount home exterior projects that allow for more usable square footage outside. Some of the most popular choices are to install a wooden deck or a patio. With the former, you can choose to attach it to the home or keep it detached from the main dwelling. Some wood decks can even be elevated so as to require the use of a small set of stairs to reach the area.

Patios are also a great option for giving you extended living space outside of the home and the costs related to the project can fluctuate based on the materials you decide to use for manufacturing the space.

In both instances, you have a place where you can lie in the sun, fire up the barbecue grill, or enjoy a nice dinner with friends and family in the evening. For those homeowners who are keen on cooking outdoors with more regularity, there’s always the option of putting in an exterior kitchen.

But these projects can get pretty expensive. Consider all of the components you need to put into place from cabinetry to cooking surface or grill to masonry options. However, like we mentioned up top, some projects may be mounted more for the enjoyment of the home and not for resale value. Yet, while an outdoor kitchen may seem superfluous and unnecessary, you could see a full return on your investment in an amenity of this magnitude. Just be sure to put in the essentials without overspending.

Maybe you’re not much cooking your meals outdoors, but you’re all for making the occasional s’more now and then. Fire pits are a terrific addition to the exterior of any home and they don’t cost a whole lot to put in either.

Enhanced Lighting

When it comes to adding value to the home, you can’t go wrong with additional lighting. Homeowners and potential buyers alike appreciate the benefits of a smart outdoor lighting plan because more illumination not only keeps thieves and intruders at bay, but it can also brighten up the property as a whole and beautify in the most subtle of ways.

This is an exterior project that doesn’t cost a lot to install either. Depending on the amount of lighting you want to put in, the type of lights, and the level of voltage, you could be spending very little or an extravagant amount of money to get the work done.

Any good lighting design should also place an emphasis on safety by lighting walkways and stoops so you and your family, as well as guests and visitors, can navigate around the exterior of the home at night without tripping and falling.

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