There’s nothing like bringing home a beautiful new couch, loveseat, or reading chair to spruce up your home. But before you bring your new piece home, take a minute to think about who you’re going to care for it. While a piece of furniture might not seem like a huge responsibility, it’s up to you to make your investment last. That means that if you don’t know how to clean a couch or you aren’t in touch with a great upholstery cleaning company in your area, you need to start covering your bases. If you’re at a loss as to how to clean furniture, here are some tips to get you started.

Vacuum Regularly

It might seem strange at first to take a vacuum to your couch, but when you consider how much dirt and dust lands on your upholstered furniture throughout the day, it’s actually a pretty solid way of keeping the surface clean. That is, as long as you use the right attachment. Your vacuum comes with lots of detachable heads, many of which you probably don’t use on a regular basis. The small tube and the miniature brush head are perfect for cleaning upholstery. They allow you to easily get into small crevices and blast away dirt and crumbs that have been collecting under your cushions.

Use a Lint Remover

If you have pets, you probably own a ton of these already. But if you’ve only been using lint rollers to remove pet hair from your clothes, you’re missing out. These handy tools can also be great for keeping your couch and armchair free of pesky cat and dog hair. If you have a couch that’s made of a more delicate material, you can use a lint roller that doesn’t have a harsh adhesive tape. However, most pieces of furniture can easily stand the pressure. If you’ve been trying to clean a hair-filled couch, go over it with a vacuum first, being careful to get under the cushions, and treat the rest with a lint roller to reveal a smooth, clean surface.

Work with Your Material

While many upholstered items are made of vastly different materials, you still have to find a way to keep them all clean without exposing any of them to danger. This means that you can’t expect to spray the same all-purpose cleaning solution on any spot or stain and expect it to work equally well for that vintage loveseat and that brand-new ottoman. Try targeted furniture cleaners first, but don’t apply your product without doing a patch test. If a spot treatment like Shout works for one couch or chair, don’t assume it’s going to work for everything. This goes double for harsh chemical cleaners. You never know when you might spur a negative reaction, and the last thing you want to do is ruin a perfectly good couch while trying to clean it. If you’re ever in any doubt, take a step back and trust the professionals to clean your upholstery.

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