As we all know honey has a huge number of health benefits and it tastes good too. So, a combination of honey along with CBD is a good combination of dosage, which includes nutrition and taste.

So, here we are going to tell you how to use this combination to get most of the benefits from it. CBD honey can be used in 2 different ways:

  1. One is the edible form
  2. Other is in the form of medical & topical form.

CBD honey has various benefits. It is not something just tasty but it can be used on your skin for better looks or else you can add them in other ingredients to relieve any kind of ailments. Honey can also be used as an alternative to sugar but not in all of your food. So, here are some recipes for your benefit:

  1. You can use it in the sports drink. All you would require would be a combination of lemon juice, water, CBD honey, and sea salt. This is not only delicious, but a good choice after a long workout.
  2. Tea Sweetener – we can make this by mixing tea as well as CBD honey. This will not only sweeten the drink but also have many health benefits.
  3. You can use it as a salad dressing. Just mix some CBD honey, vinegar, and olive oil and add salt, pepper, and herbs as per your taste.
  4. Dark chocolates can also be made using CBD honey. Just use some coconut oil, chocolate chips, cocoa powder, salt, and CBD honey and make your dark chocolate.

There are many such recipes that you can try making with CBD honey. You can get these CBD honey sticks at any CBD oil near me or you, since it is legal now. Just CBD store is an online store with 4.1-star ratings out of 5. They are transparent about the product they sell and the ingredients present in them.

The other medical and topical ways to use CBD honey is:

  1. You can make your face mask by combining CBD honey and coconut oil. Both the combinations are great for your glowing skin.
  2. This CBD honey can also be used for problems like acid reflux. They are also safe to be consumed regularly.
  3. CBD honey can also be used to treat hangovers or can be used as an antibiotic too.
  4. As honey is said to be good for getting rid of seasonal allergies, you can use this combination of CBD and honey together for real relief.
  5. You can also use CBD honey to have blemish-free skin as honey cleans your skin without causing any harm to your new cells and helps normalizing sebum production.

You can also make your own CBD honey home with some simple ingredients, but it is always advisable to buy your honey from a reputed pharmacy or an online source. Watch out for the dosage with your physician before trying some.

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