You may have come across a variety of CBD brands and types when looking for information about CBD. Perhaps you’ve noticed that CBD terminology has changed from pure CBD to the whole plant, full-spectrum, broad range, and even pure CBD.

To get the best CBD oils, it is important to understand Pure CBD and why we emphasize it. Read this detailed breakdown of the differences between them and how each product classification is important before you purchase CBD.

Respecting The Natural Cannabidiol

Evolution has resulted in the present natural world. This evolution took place over many millions of years. Every leaf of grass, every feather, and every opposable thumb are the results of numerous organisms and biological systems slowly developing alongside each other.

While modern horticultural practices allow for fine-tuning and further tweaking, Just CBD Store believes the best CBD comes when you respect and work in harmony with nature. Pure CBD products UK aim to properly harness this natural balance.

Cbd Spectrums

Some CBD products just extract CBD. The whole plant includes all the essential terpenes and flavonoids. Although it’s a premium product, it can be too thick and unrefined to use regularly.

You may also have heard full range. This CBD does not contain all the oils and waxes of the whole plant but still contains some THC. Countries with more relaxed laws on THC are more likely to have full-spectrum products.

Broad-spectrum products contain zero THC and retain additional cannabinoids as well as terpenes. They also remove oils and waxes.

There are Pure Cannabis products that only extract CBD from hemp plants. Pure CBD has 0% THC and does not retain other compounds. However, it works well when mixed with carefully chosen ingredients.

Pure CBD was chosen for its use in CBD oils. We believe that users who wish to actively avoid all psychotropic substances should have the option to do so with a reliable, beginner-friendly spectrum.

CBD: Natural Precision

When a CBD product refers to itself as pure CBD or whole plant, it is referring specifically to that type of process. While the term “whole” might conjure up images like a giant blender that contains thousands of cannabis plants, this is far from reality. It requires great precision and complexity. Scientific understanding is crucial in unlocking nature’s inherent potential.

The CO2 process is used to extract the core of the plant. Ethanol extraction is also performed. This is used to extract key oils and waxes too thick or stubborn to be obtained by supercritical extraction.

We are proud to offer a complete range because we make use of different processes whenever possible.

Get More Information About CBD

Just CBD Store believes in every product because we know the science behind it. However, just telling you that doesn’t make sense. We believe that happy users are those who are well informed. This is why Just CBD Store has created a vast knowledge base to help you.

There are also category pages that provide information about each of our product lines, including CBD liquids, CBD oils, and CBD cosmetics.

Our team of experts is available to help you with any questions regarding CBD. We want you to feel confident buying cannabidiol.

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