Most local suppliers and businesses depend on a man with van Cheltenham offers to deliver goods to their clients. You can also hire a man with a van to move office equipment or household belongings to a new office or home. The difference between these services and moving services is that a man with a van carries a small number of goods. As the name suggests, it is a man transporting goods or office equipment with his van. There are several men with vans in Cheltenham. However, it is always recommendable that you hire a well-established man with a van company. Here are tips to guide you in finding the best deal.

Take your time to research

Don’t be quick to settle on a man with a van service. There are hundreds of companies offering these services in Cheltenham. It is advisable that you compare these companies to determine the right one for you. The best place to find and compare available companies is on the internet. Visit several companies, compare their services, and check on their location and registration to make a list of reliable companies.

Compare quotes 

Quotes may vary depending on the method of calculating the cost. Among the factors that may affect the quote are the distance to be covered, size and nature of goods, how long it will take to move and the size of the van. Before you hire a company, enquire about how they will calculate the cost. You can also request quotes from at least three companies to get a better estimate.

Choose the right vehicl

Reputable companies will provide vans of different sizes. In most cases, a company may suggest a van for you. However, consider your goods or items to determine the right size. The size of the van will affect the cost of hiring the service.


Get the best deal by hiring a professional man with a van company. From testimonials and reviews, you can quickly determine a company’s status. By reading testimonials, you can get information such as response time, trust and respect.

Consider the services you need

These companies offer different services. They include office removals, house removals, waste disposal, storage facilities, furniture transport, and item collection and delivery. What kind of services do you want to hire? Make sure that you discuss your needs before hiring.

Check on insurance

Reputable man and van companies guarantee safe delivery by insuring your goods. However, the terms of protection may vary from one company to another. You also need to enquire about what kind of assets are insured. You can get the best deal by negotiating the terms.

Read and understand the contract

Always read the terms and conditions of the agreement before hiring a man and van service. Some of the terms to check include contract termination, insurance and hidden costs.

These are among the significant things you need to consider so that you can find the best man and van deal. It is recommendable to provide accurate information to avoid extra costs. It is also good to have a budget to help you choose the most affordable service.

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