If anyone is looking to relocate to a warm, livable place where costs of living aren’t strangling, then Texas is the place to look at. It is located in the southwestern United States. The state borders Mexico and the Gulf of Mexico. There are many interesting things to know about Texas before purchasing real estate there.

Religious Affiliation

According to a recent Pew Research study, 77% of the state’s population identifies as Christians, with 31% being Evangelical, 23% being Catholic, 6% being Historically Black Protestant and 13% being mainline protestant. Eighteen percent of the population is unaffiliated, classified as “nones.” Thirteen percent of “nones” are “nothing in particular,” while 2% are Atheist and 3% are agnostic. Four percent of the population are “other religions,” a category that consists of Muslims, Jews and Hindus. Each of those “other religions” make up 1% of the population. Of course, metropolitan areas are more likely to have relatively high concentrations of non-Christian religions. For example, large amounts of Jews can be found in major metropolitan areas of the state.

Educational Opportunities

When it comes to higher education, the state has a lot to offer. They have affordable community colleges and universities for residents to take advantage of. Such schools include Lone-Star College— Trinity University, Del Mar College, Brookhaven College, San Antonio College, Amarillo College—Russell Hall, Houston Baptist University and Blinn College. It is easy to attain real estate in neighborhoods with good schools. If the quality of the local school district plays a big role in your decision of where to live, you will not be disappointed by the fact that there are plenty of affordable neighborhoods with good schools. This runs contrary to the more pretentious, hyped up, expensive areas of the country where neighborhoods with halfway decent schools and acceptable levels of safety are completely out of reach for many people, financially.

Low Cost

When looking at how low the cost of living is in Texas, it helps to compare a major city in Texas to one of the most expensive cities in the country. When comparing Dallas to New York (Manhattan), the cost of living in Dallas is 56% lower. Housing costs are 81% lower, food costs are 22% lower and entertainment costs are 29% lower. When comparing Dallas with San Francisco, the cost of living in Dallas is 44% lower. Housing is 72% lower, entertainment is 10% lower and food costs are 24% lower. Real estate is cheap in the state. There is plenty of Austin, TX Real Estate. People who move to the state feel pleasure when they figure out how far their money can go.

Different Walks of Life

There are different walks of life in Texas—not everybody is a cowboy, and not everybody is straight, cisgender and white-Caucasian. The cities tend to be more liberal, which is a common theme in America. The rest of the state tends to be more conservative. The cities are hip and up to date.

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