Whether you own a business in a tourist-heavy city or you want to attract more visitors, your company’s building gives the first impression. When it comes to signage, architecture and lighting, you want your building to align with your brand and make visitors feel comfortable. Whether you are in the planning stages or are thinking of remodeling, here are three things to consider to make any commercial building have a little extra “oomph” to your customers’ experience.

1. Think About the Doors

Customers walk through your doors, and that’s where opinions are formed. It is crucial to have an inviting area that helps customers feel safe and confident in your ability to help them. Comfort can easily be integrated, such as by making your doors automated. Be sure to follow any automated door energy compliance guidelines, and lean on the more modern side of automated technology to help customers feel like you are with the times and capable of making the buying process breezy. You can also add a rug and a service table to increase the appeal of the entryway.

2. Consider (Or Reconsider) Your Signs

One of the goofiest mistakes a business can make is not having visible signage outside of the building. It’s important to make sure a customer’s first visit as easy and pleasant as possible. Signs that are too small, too hard to read or not easily seen can make a customer’s journey to your office challenging. It can also be a “sign” to customers that your brand may not be as trustworthy as other companies.

3. Don’t Forget About Lighting

Visual aspects of any environment can contribute to a customer’s feelings and attitude towards a business. Having a well-lit office is a critical part of making customers feel comfortable. It depends on what exactly you want to go for: do you want something more relaxing or more visible? Adjust the lighting according to the needs of your brand. Just make sure that there is light, both in and out of the building to increase the safety of workers/customers and the overall appearance of the building.

When all is said and done, one of the best ways you can make your office or commercial building more inviting is to think about the customers. What would make them feel more comfortable and safe? As you focus on improving these feelings, your customers can have a more positive experience from the moment they walk into your building.


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