When the weather turns chilly most homeowners don’t think too much about what happens when they turn the thermostat temperature up. There are many different ways to heat a house and, if you’re looking to replace your heating system, you probably want to know what your options are. Here are four of the most common methods of heating a home.

1. Furnace

This is the type of heating system used in the majority of homes nationwide. Furnaces send heated air through air ducts and into your home. Each system can be fueled in a variety of ways, including electricity, natural gas or fuel oil. If your house runs on oil and your tank needs to be replaced, you need to hire a company that specializes in residential oil tank installation Sullivan County NY. Furnaces are popular because of the ability to force cooled air through the system during the summertime. You may need a humidifier during the winter months to combat the dryness in the air that occurs from this type of heating, but overall it’s effective and cost-efficient.

2. Radiant Heating

Radiant heating is fueled by hot water that runs through tubing in the floors. Instead of heating the air, it heats the materials the water runs through, such as ceramic tile, wood and concrete slabs. While it takes longer to heat at first, the heat temperature can be more consistent once it’s at the temperature you desire. Initial installation can be costly, but it can be a highly energy-efficient way to heat your home when powered by a boiler.

3. Boiler

Boilers send hot water through pipes to cast iron radiator units spread throughout the home. These are typically seen in older homes and can add nostalgic charm to the environment. Radiator heat is not as dry as forced air and, if you don’t like the sight of large radiators, they can be updated to baseboard or wall panel units.

4. Heat Pump

Heat pump systems work best in moderate climates as they use the air in and around your home to heat and cool the environment. They take heat from the cold air outside and use electricity to send it into the house. You will need a unit in each area of your home for maximum heat distribution.

With so many methods to choose from you’ll have no problem heating your home. It all depends on your current system and how much you’re willing to spend to update it or change to another system completely.


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