Most homeowners see their home purchases as an initial investment. Common logic has dictated for the last few decades that homes accrue value over time. However, this may not be the case depending on where you live and the current economic policies both in your country and in your local city. In most cases, base home values do accrue over time, but it’s important that you look at your local housing market and make thoughtful decisions based on solid research. If you’re looking to increase the value of your home, follow these tips.

Refinish The Floors

When it comes to the first impressions that potential buyers get from a home, it can really come down to the basic aesthetic qualities. If you have old flooring, it may be time to consider upgrading them. If they’re too old to be refinished, you may want to consider completely new flooring. However, if you don’t have the budget for completely new flooring, you may want to consider hiring someone to install marble refinishing Manhattan NY. This can add an interesting finished look to the home without breaking the bank.

Concentrate On The Kitchen

When upgrading your home, it can be difficult to know what projects you need to concentrate on to increase your potential returns. The cost of renovation and the total increase in value should be considered. It can be difficult to know exactly what projects will get you the most return for your investment, but updating kitchens is key to increasing value. Upgrading the cabinets, getting new counters, and painting the walls can increase both interest and value. Opt for contacting a real estate agent for recommendations on upgrades.

Upgrade Landscaping

Both planting trees and adding low maintenance landscaping can be great budget ways to increase the curb appeal of your home and boost the value. When potential buyers love a home from the outside, their interest is immediately captured, which can go a long way in someone’s decisions to buy a home. Focus on buying native plants that are easy to care for, as difficult plants can be a turn off for potential buyers that aren’t gifted with a green thumb.

Future-Proof With Technology

Adding technology, or even the electrical wiring required for future technology, is an excellent way to increase the value of your home. Potential buyers love knowing that they can use all the smart home gadgets of the future. Popular smart home appliances include smart home hookups for lights and electronics, as well as digital thermometers.


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