Buying windows isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time and, frankly, the costs are sometimes more than a homeowner can afford. So, the alternative is repairing your current windows, however, that can also pose some potential problems. Sometimes your existing windows aren’t really worth repairing. While it’s true that you could end up saving a lot of money, in the long run you may end up throwing good money after bad.

So how do you determine whether or not it’s worth repairing your windows? The trick is to decide what how much and what kind of wear and tear they have sustained over time. You need to first have your windows inspected by one of the experts at your local Renewal by Andersen of Central North Carolina. While some wear and tear and resulting damage is obvious, there may still be some things you are missing.

Your windows may be lacking the energy efficiency of today’s modern windows or they may not be functioning properly, leaving you with higher than normal energy costs. Sometimes your old home windows just look old, tired, and let’s face it…ugly. Repair can’t always fix these problems, in which case, it’s time to replace.

Weighing the Costs

It’s no secret that window replacement costs can get pretty expensive. But you may find yourself facing even higher costs with a repair. In some cases, replacement may actually be more cost-effective than repairing windows that are badly damaged and worn out.

So, you must first have the condition of your current windows diagnosed. You can do some of this examination yourself, pay close attention to every major component of your window. The sashes are an essential place to check, the window glass is another. Anything cracked or broken is definite problem.

Once you know what you’re dealing and you’ve had a professional do some assessments, you’ll need to get estimates for your needed repairs. If they seem high, get a second opinion. But once you’ve collected all of the vital information for knowing what kind of repairs are needed for your windows weigh your options based on the cost for replacement. Comparing the two numbers is the most basic way to determine if you should repair or replace.

When to Repair

If the costs are drastically different from one another, you may ultimately decide you want to go with a repair over a full replacement. In some instances, simple repairs could do a world of good. If your windows look old and faded, they could be bringing your property value and curb appeal down. Should this be the case, a repair job may be enough to give them a new lease on life.

Functionality and damage are more urgent matters than aesthetics. So, you need to see how much repair work your windows require to prevent them from being drafty or inoperable. If the windows aren’t closing all the way, this could be an easy thing to fix or there could be complicated issues that need to be addressed. These should be identified when your windows are thoroughly examined.

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