Managers and board members of Florida condos have to be conscientious about building safety. Even quiet and uneventful buildings need effective security measures to keep their residents safe. Consider whether your Florida condo building is doing enough to make the premises secure.

Are Entry Points Open?

You have to pay attention to more than just the front door of a building to prevent unauthorized entry. Consider if there are rear entrances that do not lock consistently or if it is possible for someone to enter through a garage.

Is There a Record of Access to the Building?

Electronic access controls are good for building security because they enable managers to audit who has keys and when each residents’ keys are used. Also, the loss of a physical key doesn’t make the building vulnerable to improper access. Instead, managers can activate and deactivate key fobs as necessary. For help with access control systems Orlando, reach out to a knowledgeable service provider who serves condo buildings in your area.

Do You Have Adequate Video Surveillance?

If your building has security cameras, you should make it a point to address gaps in the system. Your first priority should be nonworking cameras. Anytime a camera goes out of service, it creates a potential liability issue for an association. Second, evaluate whether there are any common areas that don’t have coverage. Focus on high traffic areas and points of ingress.

Finally, check how much storage you have for your camera footage. Some systems have very little recording space. Nevertheless, a system should have ample space in the event that you want to investigate an incident after its occurrence. Motion-activated cameras use less storage space because they produce less video, and they make it easier to find recorded events when you look through security footage.

How Do Residents Receive Guests?

A building’s guest policy is important to its overall security. If your building has a front desk, consider if staff consistently calls residents prior to admitting a guest. Also, buildings should establish a policy about when guests must be registered with the building manager.

Making your Florida condo building safe gives residents important peace of mind. In addition, it reduces the association’s risk of liability. Building security initiatives may also help associations realize some savings on their insurance premiums. Take stock of your building’s security and develop a plan with input from everyone on your condo board to make smart upgrades and policy changes.


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