Starting a business is no small undertaking. From conception to funding, business plan approval and final execution, there are many hurdles for anyone looking to branch out into the entrepreneurial world. However, if all of these steps are successfully met, it’s time to think about a storefront and the brick and mortar part of the business experience. Decorating a store or offices for employees at a startup is an important part of the process, and with so many design options (from throwback, vintage designs to modern concrete aesthetics with various garage flooring types), it can be a bit overwhelming. Check out these decoration tips for a helpful starting point.

Light It Up

Make the most of natural lighting. Daylight can help make a space feel welcoming and less artificial. If a space is smaller and doesn’t have significant window or door space to welcome in light, there are some tricks to make things feel a bit more expansive. For example, utilizing mirrors helps to bounce light around the room and make a space feel a bit larger. Similarly, when it comes to any interior lighting (as any building will need), be selective about soft lighting that isn’t too harsh but instead creates a welcoming, cozy atmosphere. Even if a business is focused on a sharper subject matter, like health and fitness, guests can still sense these lighting differences.


The simplest design trick when it comes to the overwhelming world of decor and interior design lies in one truth: pick a theme, and stick to it. Have some go-to colors and keep them to a minimum. Pick an era of decor, whether it’s vintage, modern, or mid-century, and lean into it. While these types of styles can be mixed tastefully, it’s pretty challenging, so newcomers should land on one solid idea and let that be the focus. Keeping things simplified like this will also let consumers associate specific aesthetics with a business.

Final Touches

Once these other decision are made, fun can be had with little design touches. Plants breathe life into a space in a way that many other final pieces of decoration cannot, and they create a sense of life and sense of place for visitors and guests. Designating relaxing spaces within a building, choosing unique pieces of art, and allowing employees to personalize their own spaces can make a space feel like more than just a place of business. With these simple design tips in place, a business is ready to soar.

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