You’ve probably never paid much attention to the wheels at the bottom of your shopping card unless one of them is jammed during your shopping spree; but, heavy duty wheels are so important not only on shopping carts, but also other methods of carrying important loads. Small but mighty caster wheels are used in various places to make transportation easier. Here are some of the ways these tiny wheels deliver a major impact in day-to-day activities.

Types of Wheels

There are different types of wheels for the occasion. Rigid casters can only roll back and forth. they are typically used as the rear wheels on four wheel carts for stability. Swivel casters can rotate a full 360 degrees. These offer maneuverability and comfort when moving a bunch of objects from one place to another. These kinds of wheels are typically used on the front of a cart or dolly and provide the direction. You’ll find these especially useful when you need to turn tight corners or change positions in a confined space. Caster wheels also have a breaking mechanism to reduce your risk of accidents and collisions.

Dollies and Platform Trucks

In the same way you wouldn’t have cars without tires, you would not have platform trucks and dollies without these wheels. Since the wheels themselves are durable and reliable, they are perfect for carrying big items. When you’re expecting a package like a tv or furniture, dollies and platform trucks are essential for moving them to the nearest elevator and to your room. It seems simple but jobs like moving and deliveries would be extraneous without caster wheels. They are versatile enough to fit various sizes of trucks and dollies as well.

Where You Will Use Them

These wheels are used practically everywhere. They are small enough to be stored in your basement for that rainy day when you have new appliances to wheel into your living room or basement. They are really reliable in factories as well. Since they support quick and easy movement of important materials during production. They are used by movers as well; when you need to move apartments, dollies rely on rigid and swivel caster wheels to reliably get things in and out of your apartment.

Caster wheels use their small size to their advantage. They give support when it’s needed the most and people generally don’t think twice about them. However, this tool has shaped mobility in everything you do from shopping to factory work and home improvement.


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