Carpets, rugs, and upholstered furniture are commonly used items found in most homes. Cleaning these items is more complex than sweeping and mopping a hard surface floor. Lifestyle plays a significant role in determining how often cleaning should occur. Whether the carpet is rarely used and plastic covers the furniture, or if there are pets, children, and other high traffic activities, a professional cleaning will eventually be needed. There are several things, such as frequent vacuuming and do-it-yourself carpet cleaning that can be done that can help maintain cleanliness until the next professional visit.

Professional Cleaning

Even when carpets and furniture look clean, there can be dirt deep between the fibers. This dirt and other particles can result in a dingy looking carpet and even bad smells over time. When a commercial carpet and furniture cleaning company is involved, they have access to more potent cleaners and other products to provide deep cleaning. There are professional carpet shampooing treatments such as antimicrobials to kill mildew, mold, and yeast that can help prevent this in the future, offer relief to those with allergies and remove odor.

High traffic carpet areas and furniture, and those with children and pets can benefit from being professionally cleaned at least annually and more frequently as needed. Consider cleaning every three to six months if an allergy sufferer is in the home, which can include DIY cleaning with professional service twice per year.

Frequent Vacuuming

How often carpets should be vacuumed ultimately depends on the amount of traffic and type of activities that take place on the carpet. As a general rule, vacuuming carpets once a week is enough to remove loose particles on the surface before they seep into fibers, help the carpet last longer, and extend the time between professional cleanings. For those with pets, vacuuming twice a week should be considered to remove dander and hair that can stick to the carpet.

Furniture should also be vacuumed regularly, including between the cushions. Depending on one’s lifestyle, such as parents of children or pet owners, vacuuming should occur about once per week. Those with lower traffic use may be able to go as long as one month between vacuuming.

Commercial cleaning of carpets, rugs, and furniture is part of owning these items. Vacuuming frequently and some DIY carpet cleaning can keep things fresh between visits and may even help extend the time between visits. Consider how the carpet is used and lifestyle choices when deciding how often to clean.

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