Having a home requires a significant amount of maintenance during ownership. Deferred maintenance, or maintenance that is left unattended to is usually not a wise decision. If any of the deferred home maintenance projects effect the structural of mechanical integrity of the home, the lack of timely action can prove to be a very unwise decision.

Deferred Maintenance That Should Not Be Ignored

Some of the more common deferred maintenance that homeowners neglect includes:

• Roof Leak Repairs
• Mold Growth on Roof
• Furnace Cleaning and Maintenance
• Plumbing Leaks
• Cracked or Broken Window Seals
• Old Doors Left Unreplaced
• Bathrooms not Upgraded
• Kitchens Not Upgraded
• Insect Infestation

In each of these circumstances, a home can suffer other significant damage when these items are left unattended for too long. That is because in each of these cases, the deferred maintenance can lead to more extensive problems with the structural or mechanical aspects of the home.

However, the good news, is that money invested in home improvement and proper maintenance projects are usually a wise investment. This is especially true for repairs such as a type of roof leak repair in Vancouver, WA homes can be subject to after significant storms or difficult winters. In fact, these types of storm damage are not uncommon along the Pacific coast. Storms have been known to cause significant roof damage to homes. Once this occurs, inclement weather conditions such as snow and rain can seep into the home causing extensive damage to sub-roofing and ceilings. In addition, it can cause mold to grow which is a significant health hazard.

Aside from basic home maintenance projects, home improvement projects can be vital to keeping a home from falling into disrepair. Most well-chosen home improvement projects will pay for themselves over time. While this is not always the case, homeowners that do improvements to a home’s mechanical, structural or energy efficiency with quality materials and workmanship will usually see a complete return on investment. There are a few exceptions to this if people invest unwisely in materials that are not quality or have little value to traditional buyers.

Great Home Improvement Projects to Invest In

There are some basic home improvement projects that are considered great investments that will give a good return in increased home value, greater home comfort and better aesthetics. The basic list of these includes:

• Kitchen Remodeling
• Bathroom Remodeling
• Installation of an Additional Bathroom
• Installing New Windows and Doors
• Installing a New HVAC System
• Adding on a New Room
• Finishing off a Basement
• Adding on a New Garage
• Installing a New Roof
• Putting on New Siding
• Installing New Floors

In each of these cases, these home improvements afford home owners upgrades to their home which usually increase the value of the home in an equal proportion as long as the cost wasn’t excessive for the normal standards. In addition, many of these improvements increase energy efficiency which is a cost savings that can also offset the home improvement project cost. These home improvement projects also increase the beautification of the home.

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