Painters, with magic in their hands have been using canvas as an expression of their creativity for centuries. To this day, the right canvas is a preferred mode of painting surface for beginners as well as masters, especially when it comes to acrylic paintings.

Canvas as a painting surface is versatile and is available in a variety of shapes, sizes and forms that will suit every need and budget. Most of the stationery shops will offer you many variety of the canvas in various shapes, sizes and forms that can suit every budget and need. Below, are three different types of canvas that might turn out to be the best for you.

  1. Stretched canvas – These are stretched over a wooden frame that are called stretched bars. Stretched canvas can be your right canvas is known to be one of the most popular types of canvas. It is especially meant for canvas or acrylic painting.

They are most commonly made from cotton and the canvas is often primed with gesso to create to create an ideal painting surface. Such canvases are primed either for oil painting or acrylic painting, so you need to make sure you are getting the right one.

  1. Canvas panels – If you are a beginner, stretched canvases can be a bit heavy on your pocket. The right alternative can be canvas panels that are high quality and affordable comparatively. To make them the right canvas for you, they are usually made from primed cotton canvas that is mounted onto a rigid board.

These panels are known to be great when it comes to practice and are lightweight as well as easy to carry. This makes them perfect for students. Though, canvas panels are great for practice, they are not known to age well. They are best suited for practice only.

  1. Canvas pads and rolls – The other popular form of canvases are can canvas pads and canvas rolls. Sheets of primed canvas that are spiral bound in book form are known as canvas pads. What makes them the right canvas for you is that they are used in many pads and care convenient for stretching and mounting. However, as with canvas panels they do not last as long as stretched canvas. They are very good for students and novices for practice.

In case you are an experienced painter, you will have experience to stretch as well as prepare your own canvas. Experienced painters also like to create very large paintings. This is where you can use canvas rolls as they are either made from cotton or linen and are available in different weights or textures and are also available either primed or unprimed.

Before you purchase anything, do some research. Check out all the options in glass  prints that are available and choose the right canvas that suits your needs and pocket.

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