Here’s the thing! Almost everyone strives to live in a toxin-free home. However, at a time when most household products include artificial chemicals, it can be difficult to limit sources of toxins.

The god news is:

By doing away with some chemical-filled commonly-used products and items, you can keep your home and environment less toxic.

Are you ready to learn more?

Keep reading for a rundown of some common sources of chemicals you should do away with to detox your house.

  • Cleaning supplies

Most cleaning products are made with artificial chemical ingredients. While such cleaning products will help you tidy clothes, carpets, floor and so on, they can leave toxic elements behind. You can limit such potential toxic exposure in your home by using custom alternatives. Using products such as vinegar, baking soda, lemon can help you remove stubborn stains without depending chemical-filled cleaners.

  • Buy organic products

Organic products be it food or clothing are quite popular these days. Why? It is for the simple reason that they are chemical-free. Right from production of raw materials to manufacturing, no artificial additives or preservatives are used in anything labeled organic. So, one practical way to limit chemical sources in your home is going for organic foods and clothes. You can occasional buy attires that have not relied on chemical ingredients to produce, say an organic quilt for your youngster  or any other household accessories.

  • Cut down on plastics

Plastics contain toxic compounds that are not only harmful at home but to the environment as well. Reducing the amount of plastic particularly single-use varieties helps limit harmful chemicals released to the environment. To cut down, always consider safer organic alternatives. Otherwise, going for reusables is far better.

  • Avoid commercial air fresheners and fragrance

Some air fresheners and fragrances contain toxic chemicals which should not circulate in any home. You can reduce exposure to these toxins by making and using natural home-made alternatives. Instead of the conventional air freshening sprays, you can prepare a safer alternative using herbs, flowers, lemon, and other readily available natural essentials.

  • Body care products

There are so many alternative body care products in the market. Unfortunately, most of them contain artificial additives and preservatives. To be clear, the chemical ingredients are not outrightly harmful but could trigger adverse reactions especially for those with sensitive skin. Babies in particular have hypersensitive skin thus chemical-filled body care products may cause irritations and allergies. Checking the labels carefully before making any purchases will help you avoid using such chemical-filled products.


Keeping your home free of chemical sources requires no rocket science. By and large, it takes careful selection of everyday products used at home.

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