As we evolve as a species it seems as though we create more and more extravagant luxuries which become the goals and envies of the rest of the world. Look at Dubai’s tallest building and you will understand that luxury seems to not have a limit and the country with the tallest building is probably the wealthiest, or the most limit-breaking. Because luxuries are easy to spot, in this article Stockinger will be discussing some of the luxuries in the world that make this a great time to be alive. We know that there are thousands of luxurious items out there but in this article we can only discuss five of them which happen to be not only the biggest, but the most expensive.

Private Jets

This is the ultimate symbol of a life of freedom, opulence, and the ability to do whatever the $%^& one wants. A used private job can cost a few million dollars, while a Gulfstream G550 can cost upwards of forty million depending on how custom you make the interior. If you’re going to dream big and have gigantic goals, you might as well throw in a jet. Enjoy luxury at its finest while you’re floating 10,000 feet in the air.


These are like jets, but on water. They’re like jets in the sense that they’re expensive, but how expensive can they really get? Well, there’s a yacht that is expected to cost $1.1 billion dollars. It is literally an island with a motor and a city inside of it.

Private Islands

Speaking of private islands, if you’re able to purchase one, you’re basically immune from anything that happens in the rest of the world. Make sure it is far away from society, but again most private islands are. You wouldn’t have to work anymore, and you could live forever on vacation, inviting friends over by sending your private jet to pick them up to keep you company. What a life.


Floyd Maywheather’s watch collection is one to envy. He has a watch called the “billionaire’s watch” because it is worth eighteen million dollars. Why? because the strap and bezel are covered with some of the biggest diamonds you can put on a watch, and because it is made by the prestigious Jacob & Co. brand.

Super Cars

There are literally hundreds of amazing luxury vehicles but some of the most expensive are the Buggatti Veyron which can cost anywhere from one to five million dollars. There’s also Pagani’s, Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, and not to forget, Ferrari. All these vehicles are in the six digits and cost more than most people’s homes.

In conclusion in this article we discussed the topic of luxury and listed a few of the most luxurious items anyone can have. Jets, yachts, mansions, super cars. The life of billionaires can be yours if you work hard enough and get lucky or are born into wealth.

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