Air conditioning stands among those things which everybody desires, but most people do not completely understand. An advanced, sophisticated technology which people often neglect and is taken for granted, in summer areas like Spring Hill are at high temperature, and air conditioners play a significant role in providing comfort at days when just by stepping outside for a little while can sink your clothes in sweat. It is necessary that you keep a keep look at the maintenance of your unit, and for that air conditioning repair Spring Hill is not a big issue. In this article, let us look at the information related to air conditioners.

Air Conditioning:-

AC or Air conditioning is the latest wonder. The main job of the unit is to minimize the humidity and temperature in the air. Most of the AC systems cool the inside air by a procedure known as the refrigeration cycle. Other AC systems use free cooling or evaporation to decrease the temperature around the room.

Major Components:-

An Air conditioning unit consists of numerous components. Five major parts used in every AC system are given below:

  • Thermostat – Regulates and monitors the temperature
  • Condenser –Assists with transferring heat
  • Compressor –A pump which forces the refrigerant
  • Evaporator –Obtains the fluid refrigerant
  • Expansion valve –Controls refrigerant flow inside the evaporator

To fully understand about the location of these parts, you need to think of an AC system as two coils: hot coil and cold coil. If we look on the cold part, a fan and the evaporator blows air on the cold coils. Whereas, on the hot part, lies another fan, the condenser, and the compressor. These three release hot air through a compressed refrigerant outside the room. Between these two coils lies the expansion value that controls the quantity of compressed fluid refrigerant going in towards the evaporator.

Types of Air Conditioners:-

All air conditioners are not the same type. Each unit is helpful for specific situations. Thankfully, you have multiple types of AC for multiple styles of businesses and homes:

  1. Split Systems:-

The split system just keeps all things apart, breaking the cold part from the hot part. The cold part consists of the expansion valve and the “evaporator” cold coil. The unit is kept in a furnace or any other system which handles air. The unit passes air through this coil and by using ducts, escorts the air through the building. On the hot part lies the condensing unit. This unit often lies outside the building.

  1. Portable/Window/Room AC:-

These systems can easily fit inside majority windows, and remain perfect for apartments, small spaces, or dorm rooms. This portable unit works with the same concepts as the refrigeration circle but in a smaller box. Fans and blowers pass the cooled air inside the room and remove warm air out of the room.

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