Knowing what to look for and compare when reading the specifications of portable air compressors will make it easier to find the correct fit for your home, hobby or work needs. Some factors to consider include the portability of the unit in terms of weight, power and safety accessories, and how those specifications match up to your project’s needs.


If you are looking for a unit that you can easily lift from a shelf in your home hobby shop, it is a good idea to look at the weight listed in the specifications instead of the word “portable” in the description. Some industrial air compressor rentals Jacksonville FL systems are considered portable because they are mounted on a set of wheels or integrated with a complete air system on a trailer. These portable rentals are ideal for mobile construction or landscaping needs, especially if you need a compressor for a short time and do not have the capital or space to purchase one of your own.


When talking about power and air compressor systems, it is essential to distinguish between the power source and the motor’s horsepower rating. You can find both electric and diesel-powered compressor systems, with diesel being the more portable of the two. Diesel-powered engines will also have a higher horsepower rating and can fill the tank faster.

Safety Accessories

The more robust your portable compressor system is, the easier it will be to safely operate it in almost any environment. Some of the safety items you can find for these units include moisture traps and filters, spark arresters and cold start features. It is best to look for systems with intake shutoff valves when working around flammable gasses or chemicals in the air because these can be pulled into the engine and ignite, making it almost impossible to shut off or causing the unit to run faster and overheat. Spark arresters fitted to the exhaust pipe can keep the air compressor motor from starting a fire in the surrounding environment, primarily if you work around flammable materials.

Portability in air compressor systems will depend on what size your project needs and where you will be routinely using it. For home hobbyists who will be lifting the unit to and from shelves or carrying it around by hand, smaller and lighter-weight electric systems are ideal. However, for larger projects, such as construction or landscaping, trailer-mounted diesel systems with included safety accessories are a better fit.


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