Pest control is the management of critters that seem to impact our lives. Homeowners do not want, nor need ants, rodents, or flying bugs in their homes. Many pests can ruin the possessions of a home. We call in pest control services to rid our homes of all kinds of pest. These specialists get rid of these pests through chemical means, trapping or catching them and taking them back outside.

Indian Meal Moths

Many homes have problems with tiny Indian meal moths that seem to take over the home. The vermin thrive on expired food and are hard to get rid of. They can live weeks without a food supply and can survive on old rodent bait. These moths like warm homes.

Exterminators look for signs like droppings, bad odors, nests and half-eaten food items. Pest control service greenville nc experts sometimes use black lights to find pests and track rodents. The experts look for all four stages, the egg, larva, pupa and the adults themselves. Most home remedies are ineffective in getting rid of pests. Many times, it is what you cannot see that is the problem. Pest control experts can find the problems and rid your home of all sorts of pests.

Affordable Pest Control

Pest control is very affordable. Many people think it is too expensive and will try to get rid of the pests on their own. What they do not realize is that the expense of doing it yourself is just a waste of money. Pest control should be done by experts on a regular basis. Most homes would only need the pest control services once or twice a year, unless they run into a larger problem. Businesses may need pest control experts to come into the business monthly.


Homes with termites have a very dangerous insect problem. They can only be dealt with by pest control experts. Professional inspectors will inspect your home and make sure you have the proper plan that fits your needs. Once the treatment has been performed, the experts will follow up by inspecting the home again to make sure no termites have survived. Most pest control services will give you a guarantee that you will never have termites again.

Bed Bugs

Professional pest control services can also take care of an outbreak of bedbugs in your home. These small, pale brown, flattened bugs feed off of the blood of warm blooded animals and humans. They are nocturnal and feed off of their host at night when they are sleeping. They hide in cracks during the day. They can be found in the ribbing of your bedding, behind molding, in carpets and even behind objects hanging on the walls.

A person may not notice the bites on their body until the whole place has already been infected. The increase in bedbugs may be due to people traveling and the decline of people using insecticides inside the home. Bedbugs can be transported in clothing, luggage, furniture and all sorts of things that are moved from place to place. Your pest control services will have the solution to rid your home of bedbugs.


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