Roofers are roofing contractors or roof mechanics who repair and replace roofs. They specialists in the construction of all different kinds and styles or roofs. Roofers can work on roofs that have bitumen, metal, tile or shingle roofs. Roofer work in all kinds of weather. They must be fairly strong because they have to lift heavy bundles of materials, be able to climb ladders and kneel for long periods of time.

New home construction is back on the rise. Roofers will be needed for all those new constructions, not only of homes but of new businesses. Storm related damages have also brought on the need for roofers in many different states.

Roofing contractors have indicated that sales have increased 14 percent on an average in the past 12 months. This increase is on top of the 2015 sales growth of 13.5 percent and the 15 percent growth in 2017. Roofing contractors are making out great financially with a 6 percent profit margin, which gives the roofers a better pay scale.

Many residential and business owners experience water leaks or wind damage in their roofs long before the whole roof needs to be repaired. Roofs that are shingle or tile can also develop cracks, blisters or missing shingles. A professional roofer can inspect your roof and give you an estimate on what it would cost to repair your roof, instead of replacing the whole roof.

A roofing repair greeley co expert will repair roofs made of tile, metal, asphalt shingle, natural slate and of many different styles. Many tile roofs have the same problems. They seem to leak in the valley areas. During a rainstorm the valley acts like a funnel and gets flooded with water all at once. Some water may end up getting under the tiles creating leaks. Roofers will know how to find those leaks and repair them without a big hassle.

The life of your roof can be extended with a roof coating and sealing. It will give your roof more protection and many more years of wear. Sealers are like a very thick coat of paint, when it dries, it becomes like rubber and makes your roof 100 percent waterproof. Roofers have all the proper equipment and are trained to put coatings and sealings on any kind of roof. Roofers work with asphalt, polyurethane, acrylic and silicone coatings to protect your roof.

Licensed roofing contractors can also come out and inspect your roof for your insurance. Sometimes your insurance company will want to know more about your roof, because of the age of the roof. A professional roofer will come out and do a visual inspection and take pictures of your roof. He will let you know if there are any problems and what it will take to fix the roof. Your insurance company will receive documentation and photos of your roof as proof of its health.

A good maintenance program will have a roofer check your roof annually for rusting nails, loose shingles and leaks. Tiles roofs will be inspected for cracked and loose tiles. These inspections are important, so small problems can be found before they become large expenses.

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