It’s bad enough when you need your air conditioner upgraded or replaced but having a new furnace installed can be a pretty major project. You will first need to find the right installer from among the many HVAC Companies Louisville KY, and then you’ll need to be prepared for all of the steps that come after that.

But before you have a new furnace installed, you must be absolutely sure that your old one is ready to be replaced. There’s no sense in having the old one removed if it’s still working properly. Even if it’s not in ideal working order, a repair may be a lot more cost-effective than a replacement.

Replace or Not?

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You don’t want to waste money, no one does. So, you need to determine if your furnace is ready to go. The worst mistake you can make is to lose out on the value that still remains in your current furnace. Replacing it too early means you’re missing out on the money you’ve invested, all because you replaced it before you needed to do so.

To avoid this from happening, you need to check the age of your furnace. If it’s older than 11 years, you probably need to swap it out with something new. If the furnace is not that old, you should consider the number of repairs that have been made on the unit. Multiple repairs are a good sign that your furnace is not in proper working order and will finally fail sooner than later.

Furnace Removal

The first step is to arrange to have your old furnace taken out of the house. This is the most inconvenient step of the furnace replacement project because it involves disconnecting the furnace and having it physically removed from the premise.

The old furnace should be properly disposed of in accordance with state and local statutes at which point the installer will prep the location in your home for the installation of the new one. Based on the extent of the cleaning necessary, it may require some basic sweeping or a more comprehensive clean-up.


The furnace is then moved into position and bolted in place. From there, the furnace unit is connected to the ventilation system, powered up, and soon ready to start working to keep your home warm. This is something that should only be performed by a professional installer. A furnace replacement must never be done by a do-it-yourselfer, it could create a very hazardous situation for you and your family.

An improperly installed furnace may actually prove dangerous or even deadly.


Lastly, the furnace will need to be tested by your installer to ensure that your heating system is operating correctly. That means examining the intake and airflow of the system so you won’t be facing any major safety issues due to a faulty installation. A heating system that hasn’t been tested could start to show signs of premature wear and tear and excessive damage may occur as a result.

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